Compare Cat Insurance in Ireland

You want to look after your cat, so it could be a good idea to get cat insurance. If your cat falls ill it might help make sure you don’t get hit with hefty vet costs.

Use our comparison table to find the level of cover that is right for your cat, and the price that is right for you.

Company / PolicyOnline DiscountMax Vet FeesAccidental DeathMin ExcessCompany LocationSelect Premier Plus
Special Online Rate€ 4,000€ 1,000€ 75Location: Ireland Premier
Special Online Rate€ 4,000€ 500€ 75Location: Ireland Essential
Special Online Rate€ 1,500N/A€ 100Location: Ireland - CarePlus
€20€ 3,500€ 800€ 60Location: Ireland - CarePlan
€20€ 3,500€ 800€ 150Location: Ireland

Cat Insurance in Ireland

Looking for cheap cat insurance in Ireland?

Save money by using our cat insurance comparison table to find the best deal.

We have listed leading pet insurance companies providing cat insurance for you to compare.

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