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Rating: 4.5/10 (34 votes cast)
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Allianz Pet Insurance, 4.5 out of 10 based on 34 ratings

2 Responses to “Allianz Pet Insurance”

  • callie walsh says:

    i have been with allianz 12 yrs.only had 2 small dog died of a stroke. because she was over 8 yrs i did not get back purchase price.
    but if she had been stolen or robed i would of got it,just dont make sence.
    it cost 170 euro for vet to come to the put her asleep and take her away i wont get a penny insurance my ear.

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  • D. Edwards says:

    Allianz Pet Insurance.

    We have the same type problem! Our dogs are 7 and 9 and both have been with Allianz since they were brought home as puppies. Now the older one requires an operation on her trachea due to a condition which affects her breathing. This is a must have operation as she can’t be left alone because she starts to choke.

    Over the years we have only had a couple of small claims? Their total payout to us for both dogs has been less than 300 Euro. Because of a new rule on my policy renewal this year, I have to pay the excess which has gone up to 100 Euro PLUS 1/3 of any veterinary costs. This new additional payment also applies for long term illnesses such as diabetes.

    Allianz you let us down just when we needed you!

    I could understand if I just joined a couple of years ago, but we have been with Allianz since the beginning. New customers beware!

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