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SuperDog! - Photo by Barnacles Hostels

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you and your pet ūüôā

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ella the snow puppy

Are you thinking of getting yourself or a loved one a pet for Christmas?

We all know the saying “A pet is for life, not just for Christmas”… well it is a universal truth. You shouldn’t get a pet unless you can look after one properly, or you are certain the person you are getting the pet for is commited and able to look after the pet properly.

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Dyson have invented a new pet grooming tool called the “Groom Tool”.

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Anyone that has ever lived in Dublin, or one of the big cities in Ireland, will know that Hallowe’en is a loud experience to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »

Keeping your pet cool and well looked after in the summertime is as essential as it is any other time of the year, but there are lots of different things you need to think about.

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Rather than buying a dog from a pet shop or breeder, many people choose to adopt a dog from a sanctuary.

Sanctuaries are often at stretching point: full of dogs, critically short of money, staff and resources.

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White KittenWriting in the Independant, Pete Wedderburn author of ‘My Dog Thinks He’s Human’ and ‘My Cat Is Ignoring Me’ gives us 10 reasons pets are the best medicine.

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Dublin SPCA & Home Instead Senior Care have teamed up to create a unique pet fostering service for senior citizens which enables them to foster a cat or dog for a number of weeks.

Dublin SPCA recieves hundreds of kittens and puppies every week that need a home, so if you can look after a pet this is a great way to get one.

Useful websites:

Dogathon 2009

COPE Galway present Dogathon 2009, sponsored by Petworld.

Billed to be a fun walk for people and their pets on the Prom in Salthill, it takes place on Sunday September 20 at midday. Read the rest of this entry »

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