Two Stray Puppies - World Spay Day

Each year on the last Tuesday of February is World Spay Day, today it falls on February 24th 2015.

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Valentine's Cat

Heartfelt pictures of cats and dogs that made us smile here at Pet Insurance Ireland on Valentine’s Day.

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Santa Puppies - Photo by Barbara Helgason Photography

The DSPCA have launched a new campaign urging the public to ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’.

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Super-cute kittens - Photo by Redditor_of_Catan - Reddit/Imgur

Nothing melts our hearts more at than pictures of super cute pets. For your pleasure we have put together a gallery of ten of cutest pictures we have seen this month.

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Hedgehog - Photo by Mark Fletcher @ Flickr

Halloween is a fun celebration, full of fancy dress, fireworks, bonfires and plenty of treats. For many animals unfortunately it can be the complete opposite. Pet Insurance Ireland has compiled a list of tips for keeping your pets and other animals safe this Halloween.

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Happy Swimmer - Duck Picture from Aww/Imgur

Happy World Animal Day from Pet Insurance Ireland.

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Animals in Irish Circuses - Photo from CAPS

The charity Captive Animals’ Protective Society (CAPS) along with a number of Irish organisations took to the streets of Dublin earlier this month, to highlight the plight of circus animals in Ireland. They spoke too hundreds of animal lovers and handed out lots of informative material, including the Captive Animals’ Protection Society’s new report, called ‘Ring of Cruelty II’.

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Rabbit Awareness Week - Image taken from Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

This week is Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) in the UK (15th September – 22nd September). The plight of pet rabbits is a universal problem, so here at Pet Insurance Ireland we thought it was a good idea to highlight Rabbit Awareness Week here in Ireland also.
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Save Lennox

In May 2010 Lennox was seized from his family home and locked away at a secret location, remaining imprisoned to this day. The dog warden working for Belfast City Council seized Lennox believing him to be a ‘pit bull type’ dog, and therefore breeched the dangerous dogs act. A decision the family says was formed by Belfast City Councils dog warden, after measuring Lennox’s muzzle and hind legs with a dressmaker’s tape, a process stated by many as fatally flawed. Belfast City Council’s decision was not only heart breaking for the Barnes family, but also a great shock. After applying for and receiving a dog licence from Belfast City Council every year since Lennox was a puppy, who would then expect the Belfast City Council to suddenly class Lennox as a pit bull type dog.

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"Lucy on the Beach" - dog playing on the beach on Ireland

"Lucy on the Beach" - Photo by Blue Sky 4691

An interesting article in the Irish Times today by Rosita Boland brings up the point of just how hard it is to find dog friendly accommodation in Ireland.

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