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Happy World Animal Day from Pet Insurance Ireland.

World Animal Day is a global celebration each year on the 4th October, though often many people and organisations will celebrate the entire week.

At Pet Insurance Ireland, we would like to use the opportunity to thank all the animals that have enriched our lives and thank all the people out there that work tirelessly, to make the world a better and safer place for animals.

World Animal Day originated in Florence Italy in 1931, with the 4th October being the chosen day to celebrate, as it is the Feast Day of the patron saint of animals – St Francis of Assisi.

Although many people the world over choose to celebrate World Animal Day with no regard to political ideology, nationality, religion or faith, many people also like to visit the church on the Sunday nearest to the 4th October, and give blessings to animals and St Francis of Assisi.

With so many animal charities and sanctuaries struggling financially, and over flowing with animals in need of homes, World Animal Day is as good an excuse as any to give them a helping hand.

Depending on how many hours you have spare, there are a number of ways you can help. From dog walking, fussing, grooming, and cleaning out animal kennels, to helping with repairs and fundraising, it all helps.

Whichever way you decide to celebrate World Animal day, it will hopefully highlight to the world our love and respect for animals.

The more people that are made aware of the joy of looking after animals, their needs, and unfortunately their suffering, the more people can make a difference and improve animal welfare throughout the world.

Article by Pet Insurance Ireland.

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