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A pet is for life not just for Christmas

There are always big campaigns each Christmas by animal charity, asking people not to give pets as presents, surprise gift or to give in to impulse and purchasing a pet themselves this time of year.

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Santa Puppies - Photo by Barbara Helgason Photography

The DSPCA have launched a new campaign urging the public to ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’.

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Happy Swimmer - Duck Picture from Aww/Imgur

Happy World Animal Day from Pet Insurance Ireland.

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ella the snow puppy

Are you thinking of getting yourself or a loved one a pet for Christmas?

We all know the saying “A pet is for life, not just for Christmas”… well it is a universal truth. You shouldn’t get a pet unless you can look after one properly, or you are certain the person you are getting the pet for is commited and able to look after the pet properly.

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Keeping your pet cool and well looked after in the summertime is as essential as it is any other time of the year, but there are lots of different things you need to think about.

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Switzerland is holding a referendum on whether domesticated animals should have a right to be represented by a lawyer, seeing the country potentially becoming a leading exponent of animal welfare rights.

“Humans accused of animal cruelty can hire a lawyer or get one assigned but animals can’t,” said Antoine Goetschel, a lawyer quoted in the Times “Which is where I come in.”

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White KittenWriting in the Independant, Pete Wedderburn author of ‘My Dog Thinks He’s Human’ and ‘My Cat Is Ignoring Me’ gives us 10 reasons pets are the best medicine.

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Horse on the skyline

The amount of horses being abandoned has dramatically increased according to the ISPCA.

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Beau Needs A Home

Beau Needs A Home

The Bath (UK) Cats and Dogs Home is at bursting point, and they are blaming the economy.

They have witnessed an increase in the number of discarded dogs, cats and small pets requiring treatment as the owners find vet bills too expensive.

A fundraising event is being held on Sunday at its site at Claverton Down with the hope of raising £35,000.

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