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Pet Insurance Ireland is pleased to see that a greyhound breeding bill has been agreed by the Cabinet.

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There have been further calls for legislation on exotic pets following the outcry caused by an incident last week with a wallaby.

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Switzerland is holding a referendum on whether domesticated animals should have a right to be represented by a lawyer, seeing the country potentially becoming a leading exponent of animal welfare rights.

“Humans accused of animal cruelty can hire a lawyer or get one assigned but animals can’t,” said Antoine Goetschel, a lawyer quoted in the Times “Which is where I come in.”

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James Hennessy, curator of Reptile Village Zoo in Co Kilkenny, has demanded legislation in the area of keeping exotic pets.

They report being overwhelmed with calls from Irish people wanting them to take crocodiles, poisonous snakes and turtles because they can’t look after them.

“It has become pretty scary. We have to turn down animals because we are full up,” he said.

Mr Hennessy is giving lectures at the Pet Expo RDS Main Hall.

“I will be stressing that people must do their research before buying these kind of animals. They are not like budgies or cats. I will be warning people about what can go wrong.”

The internet has turned into an easy source for many exotic animals.

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