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Animals in Irish Circuses - Photo from CAPS

The charity Captive Animals’ Protective Society (CAPS) along with a number of Irish organisations took to the streets of Dublin earlier this month, to highlight the plight of circus animals in Ireland. They spoke too hundreds of animal lovers and handed out lots of informative material, including the Captive Animals’ Protection Society’s new report, called ‘Ring of Cruelty II’.

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Rabbit Awareness Week - Image taken from Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

This week is Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) in the UK (15th September – 22nd September). The plight of pet rabbits is a universal problem, so here at Pet Insurance Ireland we thought it was a good idea to highlight Rabbit Awareness Week here in Ireland also.
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"Lucy on the Beach" - dog playing on the beach on Ireland

"Lucy on the Beach" - Photo by Blue Sky 4691

An interesting article in the Irish Times today by Rosita Boland brings up the point of just how hard it is to find dog friendly accommodation in Ireland.

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St Patrick's Day Dog 2011

If you visited the St Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin this year you may have spotted an array of giant dogs and monsters, as captured in this wonderful photo by Michela Orlandi.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for pet insurance, or buying for any other product online, you should always try to follow basic internet safety precautions, and know what to look out for.

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Lucy looks towards Black rock and Ballyheige - Photo by Blue Sky 4691

We thought we would compile some of our favourite dog pictures at the moment from photographers in Ireland.

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A report in the Irish Medical Times featuring information from a new Japanese study states that dogs have the ability to detect bowel cancer by scent.

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A lucky little Jack Russell puppy called Nutty owes it’s life to the fast thinking of it’s Co Wicklow owner.

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At we would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas.

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