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A pet is for life not just for Christmas

There are always big campaigns each Christmas by animal charity, asking people not to give pets as presents, surprise gift or to give in to impulse and purchasing a pet themselves this time of year.

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Santa Puppies - Photo by Barbara Helgason Photography

The DSPCA have launched a new campaign urging the public to ‘Adopt, Don’t Buy’.

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Merry Xmas

We wish everyone a very merry Christmas from

Photo by Randy Robertson.

At we would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas.

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ella the snow puppy

Are you thinking of getting yourself or a loved one a pet for Christmas?

We all know the saying “A pet is for life, not just for Christmas”… well it is a universal truth. You shouldn’t get a pet unless you can look after one properly, or you are certain the person you are getting the pet for is commited and able to look after the pet properly.

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Every year people buy dogs as Christmas presents, and just months later animal shelters are filled with the same dogs. Above 10,000 dogs were destroyed in Ireland in 2008. That’s the equivalent of 27 dogs every day.
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