"Lucy on the Beach" - dog playing on the beach on Ireland

"Lucy on the Beach" - Photo by Blue Sky 4691

An interesting article in the Irish Times today by Rosita Boland brings up the point of just how hard it is to find dog friendly accommodation in Ireland.

Update: We have recently launched our new sister website: DogFriendlyHotelsIreland.ie – a directory of dog friendly hotels and accommodation in Ireland.

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I think this quote sums up just how fantastically wrong it can get:

I arrived to find the “pet-friendly” accommodation for my dog consisted of a wooden garden hut full of uncovered saws and building tools with a door that wouldn’t close, next to the main Sligo-Donegal road.

I had to go looking for a piece of wood to jam up against the door and spent much of the night fretting the dog would get out.

Oh dear!

It is fair to say that anyone who has travelled with a dog will agree that it adds another level of difficulty to finding a suitable hotel or B & B.

Features to look for in a dog friendly hotel / B&B

Are you travelling for business or leisure?


Dog walking and a concierge services are a great luxury.

If you think you are going to be busy for long periods you may want to look into dog kennel services.


If you are staying for leisure some of the things you might want to consider are:

Location! – You will of course want to find somewhere that has great places to walk your dog. Many pet friendly hotels/B&Bs have pre-planned dog walks you can go on.

Dog friendly rooms. Can you keep your pet in your room? Are there water and food facilities? Litter trays?

A dog hotel in Tokyo

A dog hotel in Tokyo - Photo by monika.monika

Finding pet friendly accommodation in Ireland

A great website we found that is made for the purpose of finding dog friendly accommodation in Ireland is StayDoggy.com.

StayDoggy.com – “Ireland’s only dog friendly accommodation website” — at the time of writing lists almost 60 dog friendly hotels and B & Bs in Ireland.

Here are some popular dog friendly hotels in Ireland:


Castle Hotel – The Castle Hotel in Cork aim to provide a dog walking, concierge and grooming service, dog friendly rooms with water and food.

Website: http://www.castlehotel.ie


Harvey’s Point – Provide pet friendly rooms and a beautiful pet friendly location on the shores of Lough Eske.

Website: http://www.harveyspoint.com/bedrooms/default.asp?id=182

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  • TESS PALEY says:

    We run a pet friendly B & B in Co.Monaghan – pets sleep in bedroom with owner, in self-contained ensuite bedroom in courtyard – welcome pack for pet:
    food and water bowl, dog biscuit, special cover for bed, towel,and sachet of food and doggie treat. Located in open country side – quiet lanes to walk, garden to play in.
    How do we get listed please.

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