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Happy Swimmer - Duck Picture from Aww/Imgur

Happy World Animal Day from Pet Insurance Ireland.

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Animals in Irish Circuses - Photo from CAPS

The charity Captive Animals’ Protective Society (CAPS) along with a number of Irish organisations took to the streets of Dublin earlier this month, to highlight the plight of circus animals in Ireland. They spoke too hundreds of animal lovers and handed out lots of informative material, including the Captive Animals’ Protection Society’s new report, called ‘Ring of Cruelty II’.

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Switzerland is holding a referendum on whether domesticated animals should have a right to be represented by a lawyer, seeing the country potentially becoming a leading exponent of animal welfare rights.

“Humans accused of animal cruelty can hire a lawyer or get one assigned but animals can’t,” said Antoine Goetschel, a lawyer quoted in the Times “Which is where I come in.”

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