Rather than buying a dog from a pet shop or breeder, many people choose to adopt a dog from a sanctuary.

Sanctuaries are often at stretching point: full of dogs, critically short of money, staff and resources.

By adopting, you are homing a poor doggy – which means one less mouth for the sanctuary to feed, and the donation it is customary to make will help them carry on doing their wonderful work.

What to consider before of adopting a dog

Just like the purchase of any animal, when adopting a dog you need to bear lots of things in mind. Getting a pet is a BIG commitment on par with having a child!

  • Can you properly look after the dog?

You will have to feed, walk and provide living space for the dog’s whole life – not just a few years.

European dogs live on average for 12.8 years (that’s human years not doggy years!).

Dog food is expensive. It is a significant expense on a monthly basis, especially for bigger dogs.

  • Do you rent your property?

Some landlords don’t allow pets, and unless you are prepared to break the rules it can take a lot of planning to find somewhere.

Can you guarantee that you will be able to find a pet friendly house for the next 12 years?

Useful article: You can read can read more information about what to consider before buying/adopting a pet here.

Where to adopt a dog

Here is a list of places we know of where you can adopt a dog in Ireland.

Unfortunately it’s not as big as we would like, so if you know of somewhere else do let us know via our contact form.

Sponsor a dog

Don’t be put off if you are worried about being able to look after a dog. The alternative to adopting a dog is sponsoring one.

This way you can still really help out dog sanctuaries as  sponsorships and donations are usually their only source of income.

In sponsoring a dog you are helping sanctuaries to rehome more dogs, so it is hugely appreciated.

Contact one of the sites above, or pick from the list below.

Where to sponsor a dog

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