Well you know you can’t be serious all the time… so we thought we would upload some lovely pictures of puppies in the snow.

Some of you might be sick of the snow (and ice!), but who can resist a snow puppy 🙂

by abardwell

by fPat

by r.f.m II

by jsmjr

by mhedstrom

by fPat

by IntangibleArts

by jpctalbot

by Bitpicture

by fPat

Awww now weren’t they lovely?

We are going to break the promise about talking about serious stuff.

Here are some tips on looking after your pets in the snow / cold weather:

  • Don’t leave your dog outside for long periods of time. Never leave a dog outside for any longer than 10 minutes in very low temperatures. As little as half an hour can cause damage to your dog.
  • Don’t let your dog off the leash in snow. More pets are lost in winter than any other time. Dogs are more likely to lose a scent and become disorientated in snowy conditions.
  • Properly clean the snow off your dog. Dogs can lick foreign bodies like grit, antifreeze, or other poisons. Make sure you thoroughly clean the dog, from the stomach to paws.
  • Keep your dog warm when outside if short coated. Some dogs have shorter coats than others, and get colder more easilly.
  • Trim hair around paws. This will make it easier to remove ice and snow.
  • Feed your dog more. If your dog is outside or colder because it is winter, you will need to feed your dog more.

Here are some useful links for snow/winter care of dogs (or puppies!):

PetInsuranceIreland.com – Compare and review pet insurance in Ireland.

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