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Many people are put off adopting older pets, this can be for many reasons, but unfortunately if the animal sanctuaries cannot home them, they often do not take them in.

I’ve loved fostering and adopting many older animals over the years, and here are my 10 reasons its beneficial to pet owners to adopt older pets too.

1) An old dog does not need to go on as long a walks.

2) Old dogs and cats are less likely to damage furniture and belongings, as well and truly past the puppy and or kitten chewing stages.

3) If you are older yourself or live a more sedentary life style, you will often find that an older cat may suit you better, as many just need a bed, food, access to an area to toilet in and some love.

4) If you live by a busy road, you may prefer to keep your pet cat in doors. Many younger cats can find this quite difficult, becoming bored and pining to go out. Where as an old cat, more often than not, has little interest going out doors to explore.

5) If you find it difficult when your cat brings home presents, an older cat maybe a good choice for you, as their ability and interest in hunting regularly reduces with age.

Old grey/black Labrador

6) An old dog will often be quieter and less interested in barking at the person delivering your post or friends visiting your home.

7) Old dogs also become less aggressive towards each other, and more likely to ignore potential confrontations with another dog, as they enter the twilight years.

8) With older cats, although like all cats they require an area to relax away from people and other pets, it is often the case that if your home is small, it is not as much of a problem, as they are more likely to not need as large a home to explore and play in, as they require more rest and are not as lively.

9) Many owners notice, that as they’re dogs reach and live through old age, that the days of your dog taking you for a walk, gradually teeter off. The older dog often prefers to just plod along by their owners side.

Happy old black cat being stroked

10) All the animals I have looked after during their older years, have reverted back to acting very cute and cuddly. Their independent teenage and adult years are behind them, and they loved more than anything to be snuggled and stroked. Nowadays I’m often sat at the computer, with my little old cat snuggled up fast asleep.

Disclaimer: These are our personal opinions and do not intend to replace the advice of a professional. If your pet is unwell or you seek advice, contact a professional animal behaviourist and or a Veterinarian.

Image credits: 1st image: Diana Parkhouse @ Flickr, 2nd image: , 3rd image: Learnin’ Curve @ Flickr.

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