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Animal abuse at Bobby Robert's Circus - Annie is kicked in the stomach - Photo by CAPS

Protesters at Bobby Robert’s Circus, currently in Knutsford, Cheshire, are celebrating a partial victory after it has been announced that Annie the Elephant will be retired to a safari park.

A video filmed by the Animal Defenders – see video stills above and below – show abhorrent abuse at the hands of workers at Bobby Robert’s Circus.

A worker uses a pitchfork to beat and stab the Annie in the stomach and head - click to enlarge

A worker batters the animal, who is kept shackled despite having arthritis - click to enlarge

Protests have been conducted for years over the treatment and capitivity of Annie, but it is only following the publication of the video that the media have taken interest – putting pressure on the circus owners to finally act.

Unfortunately there are still other animals in Bobby Robert’s circus and other circuses, who are treated in a similar way.

The video below shows the full horror, and why we at PetInsuranceIreland.com are against animals in circuses.

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