Freddy By Louwuselchen, Ireland

Freddy - Photo by Louwuselchen, Ireland

If you have a dog then you will of course want to do everything that you can to keep them fit, healthy, and happy.

Here are five simple tips that will help you to ensure that your four legged friend will stay healthy.

1. Keep On Track of Their Vaccinations, Worming, and Flea Treatment

This is possibly the most important thing to remember when you first  get a dog. As a puppy you will need to take your dog to the vets so that they can get their vaccinations. These vaccinations will protect your dog against a whole host of illnesses and diseases such as kennel cough and many  more. However, many people get the first set of jabs and then don’t go back. This is not a good idea as your dog will need boosters over time to ensure that they are still protected. Worming is another important part of keeping your dog healthy, as is flea treatment. These two things should also be done regularly.

2. Ensure That They Are Walked Regularly

Walking your dog is especially important. A lot of people think that letting the dog run around the garden or yard is giving them adequate exercise, but it really isn’t. Not only this, but how would you feel if you were stuck in the same place all the time? This is why they need to be walked at least twice a day. It will keep them active and happy. It also gives them a chance to interact with other dogs who may be out walking which they will really enjoy.

3. Don’t Feed Your Dog Junk Food!

This is probably one of the worst things that you can do with your dog, but unfortunately, a lot of dog owners do it. Although it may seem unfair not to give your dog bits of food that you are eating, you are doing them a favour in the long run. Certain foods are actually poisonous to dogs, and human food certainly is not good for them. If you want to give your dog snacks then you should purchase some proper dog treats. They will love the taste, and you don’t have to worry about making them unhealthy.

4. Don’t Let Them Play With Sticks

Although it is well known that dogs like to carry sticks around and play fetch, a lot of vets will advise against letting your dog get a hold of sticks and pieces of wood. The reason for this is that the wood can actually splinter and get stuck in their throat or tongue. Of course, this poses a great risk for infection. This is why you should ensure that you keep your dog away from things like this. Get them safe dog toys that they can play with instead.

5. Interaction Is Key

If you are going to get a dog then you have to be prepared to dedicate the time to interacting with them. They are just like us; they get bored too. Buy them interactive toys that they have to work for to get the treats. These will keep them busy for ages, and it also stimulates their brain and keeps it healthy. Talk to your dog and play with them as much as you possibly can. This way they will not only feel loved and wanted, but they will also get excited every time that you come home because they know that it is playtime!

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Photo: Freddy by Louwuselchen, Ireland.

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